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Why choose Hound Tracker

Reduce Risk

Spreadsheets can add significant financial and reputational risk to an organization if they’re not properly reviewed and managed. Hound Tracker provides a first-line of defense against formula errors.

Find out more about using Hound Tracker’s spreadsheet audit functionality …

Save time

Prepare for a serious boost in your productivity as you easily navigate through complex formulas, trace through precedent and dependent cells and even run reports. You’ll get the job done faster and save valuable time.

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Value for money

At only AUD $39 per year for a full licence, you’ll have peace-of-mind in knowing that Hound Tracker is reducing risk and saving you time. Each licence includes access to the latest versions as they become available.

And you can cancel at any time!

Our Knowledge Base has answers to all your licensing questions.


Whether you’re building, reviewing, analyzing or simply using spreadsheets, Hound Tracker will help you manage bugs, link results with inputs, understand complex formula logic and track down variances.


Intuitive design

Hound Tracker’s shallow learning curve will have first-time users tracing through complex formulas, leaving reviewer comments and generating reports in a matter of minutes.

The Hound Tracker task pane can be docked to the top or bottom of the Excel window, or floating above the spreadsheet.

Re-visit previously tracked cells with the Hound Tracker’s “tracking cell history”.

Watch our Quick guide to the Hound Tracker ribbon and Quick guide to the Hound Tracker pane videos.

Formula tracing

Quickly trace backwards and forward through the calculation chains of even the most complex formulas. Even trace formulas across multiple worksheets and workbooks!

Model auditing

Quickly configure Hound Tracker to your existing business processes and corporate colour scheme using custom comment types and setting up a custom colour palette.

Override the default commenter name to ensure the correct reviewer name is applied to all comments.

With the click of a button, export a list of spreadsheet comments to an external workbook with hyperlinks back to the original file.

Watch our video on Hound Tracker’s model auditing functionality

Fast and robust

Hound Tracker is a .NET Framework application, utilizing more CPU power and internal memory. The result is a spreadsheet tool that’s more powerful and robust than anything built with VBA code.


Hound Tracker is compatible with PC versions of Excel 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016, in both 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

Installation of Hound Tracker doesn’t require administrator permissions.

Find out more about Hound Tracker’s system requirements

Formula translator

If you’ve ever struggled to review OFFSET() and INDIRECT() formulas, then get excited because Hound Tracker translates them into their final cell references.

Watch our video on using the OFFSET / INDIRECT function translator